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about Provenance Skin

My name is Keriann and I am the owner of Provenance Skin. 


I joined the skincare and beauty industry after years of seeking out all the latest technology and ingredients to combat my own struggles with melasma, hyperpigmentation and those pesky wrinkles and fine lines.  


I'll forever be intrigued by the science and philosophies of the beauty industry and am always hungry to learn all of the latest tips and tricks on makeup and skin care.   Aside from my esthetics school training, I have additional training in body waxing, micro needling, dermaplaning, Fibroblast HF/RF,  Hungarian massage, product knowledge,  as well as being an internationally published MAC certified Advanced Makeup Artist. 

Another passion of mine is tattoos.  I love being able to combine the beauty industry with the tattoo industry.  I offer lip blushing and permanent lip liner and eyebrow tattooing.  Above all, I'm most proud to offer areola repigmentation and tattooing.  This includes everything from restoring a natural look after breast reconstruction or tattooing heart shaped areolas. 


In the past, beauty and skin care was mainly catered to women.  I am happy to see the pendulum swinging to include men.  I offer my skin care and waxing services to both men and women in a safe, welcoming and comfortable environment where guests are guests, regardless of gender.  

Born and raised in Washington State, I definitely prefer spending my time with my 2 teenage sons and 3 dogs under the warm Arizona sunshine (but never without my sunscreen!).  

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